Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dotty Says, Louise is Sweet

When we get to Australia, Bobby can go look for women. I would like to try one of those Emu eggs. Are they big?....
By Dorothy DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

You know what, this none paying so called blog gig is not all bad. You won't believe what happened this morning. I received a birthday card and gift from Louise. Louise lives in Australia.

Louise is sweet. I can't believe it.

I asked Bobby, how far is it to Australia? He says as the bird flies or sitting on your ass? Where the hell does he get this stuff? Just answer my dame question.

So anyway, he tells me it takes about 24 hours to get there. First, you fly to Atlanta. Then you fly to LA. Then he says you change planes and fly another 14 hours. That is a long trip. Bobby says it will wear me out.

Wear me out? Sitting on my ass will wear me out. Bobby is usually complaining because I won't get off my ass. If there is one thing I am good at, it is sitting on my ass.

Louise sent me this very nice mitt. You use it to hold hot things when you are taking them out of the oven. Louise I don't know if you know this, I have a chauffeur, butler and chef named Bobby. I hope you won't mind if I let Bobby use the mitt. In fact, I think he should give it a test run and make me some rice puddin'.

I like the pictures on the mitt. Do you have any Emu (Bobby is the one that wants to know)? I asked him why? He says Emu oil is like magic oil. Can you cook an egg in Emu oil? I'm hungry.

I am confused by the money you sent me. Looks like a couple thousand bucks. Is it real? I asked Bobby, can I spend it? He said I have to go to Australia to spend it.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Now he wants me to sing -- We're Leaving On A Jet Plane. Fine by me. Let's go now. I'll use my Australian money to buy some clothes when I get there. I really like Australian money. On the back it looks like a "things to do pad". I guess you write down what you want to use the money for so you won't forget when you get to the store.

Bobby says you live in Port Kembla. He says its near Sydney. Do you know Crocodile Dundee?

Louise, I can't tell you how wonderful it was to receive your gifts. I have never in my life received a gift from a place so far away. I am really enjoying counting the money and looking at the postmark. I am sure Bobby is going to enjoy using the mitt when he cooks me whatever I want.

Bobby says he met a lot of beautiful women from Australia when he worked in New York. He says sometimes they have beautiful names like Zarife and Charmaine.

When we get to Australia, Bobby can go look for women. I would like to try one of those Emu eggs. Are they big?
Dorothy DeMarco is a contributing writer and frequently portrayed character on the Alzheimer's Reading Room. Dotty resides in Delray Beach, FL. To read or subscribe to Dotty's blog go here.

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