Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dotty Says, I Did? I Was?

By Dorothy DeMarco
Alzheimer's Reading Room

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Bobby says I wrote on this so called blog before. I did?

He says my fans want to hear from me. They do?

Then he shows me all these nice comments from people that read this so called blog. Well, thank you for your kind words and prayers.

I'm hungry.

Bobby says I was very sick in the last ten days. I was?

Maybe I was, but I don't remember.

Writing on this blog is making me hungry. Did we eat? Bobby says we did. Well, I'm still hungry.

I can tell you this. Bobby tried to put me in a wheelchair. Where the hell did we get a wheelchair? If he thinks I am getting in a wheelchair he needs HIS head examined. Never.

He is also telling me that I have pneumonia. Maybe that is why I am so hungry. Here is an idea. Kill pneumonia with a Philly soft pretzel and some mustard.

Bobby claims our new doctor really came through in the clutch. What the hell does that mean? He says, she started me on the antibiotic as a precaution and it turns out we got a jump start on getting better.

I have to admit, I don't like women doctors. I never had one before. I tried to get Bobby to get me a man doctor -- like that great man doctor we had that died. He told me, don't worry we have a great doctor again. I think he is right. She is very nice to me. Go figure this one out. Our new doctor has the same first and last name. I bet no one has trouble remembering her name.

Bobby also claims they had to put me in a tunnel to find the pneumonia. The only tunnel I remember being in is the tunnel of love and the Holland tunnel. That was before most of you were born by the way.

Meanwhile he keeps handing me all these pills. One is the size of my middle finger. I don't need those pills, I am a healthy old broad.

Bobby says I used a slang word to refer to one of my female body parts. Not like a four letter word, a six letter word that begins with S. He says I can't type it on the blog. He is full of crap. Never said it. Well I might have said it a few times back in 1932.

So anyway, here I am. I must be feeling better because I am back to blogging. Maybe I can get some lunch out of the deal.

Bobby asks, what do you want to eat? Food dummy. Yeah, I am feeling better.

By the way, you should see these new trees with all the flowers on them. I wonder where they came from?

Dorothy DeMarco is a contributing writer and frequently portrayed character on the Alzheimer's Reading Room. Dotty resides in Delray Beach, FL. To read or subscribe to Dotty's blog go here.

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