Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dotty Says, Oprah or Ellen Next? (Video)

I might be 94 years old, but I am no wimp....

By Dorothy DeMarco
  Alzheimer's Reading Room

Bobby told me I was going to be on television. Well here I am on TV in Rochester, NY. The first thing you will notice is Bobby blabbing away. He is talking about some tips for you.

Here is a tip, I'm hungry.

While I am at it. If I am going to be on television I want to be on Oprah or Ellen. I don't know if you watch Oprah or Ellen but they are always giving stuff away. Here is another tip, I could use a new car. If I can't get a car I'll settle for some potato chips and a cup of hot coffee.

By the way. For you doubting Thomases that don't believe I go to the gym, take a good close look at the video below. There I am on the chest press machine at the gym. Can you believe they made me look like a wimp. They show me pressing 20 pounds. I can do 30 pounds, 3 sets, 12 reps, no problem. I might be 94 years old, but I am no wimp.

Make sure you don't blink or you will miss the shot of the ocean while Bobby is sitting there working on his boob tube and so called blog.

When you watch the video take a good close look at the news anchor, Jennifer Johnson. She is cute. You know I want Bobby to get married again. Do you think she is single?

How about the name of the news station that Jennifer works for in Rochester. WHAM. I don't know about you, but I think my mother might have been upset if I worked for a place called WHAM. Think about it.

A special note of thanks to Jennifer Johnson of WHAM News in Rochester, NY. Jennifer helped us spread the word about the difficulties that Alzheimer's caregivers encounter.

Oprah, here I come.

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